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Tim Dalbec was a mechanic in the mid 70's at a motorcycle shop north of the Twin Cities.  With his desire for speed, he slowly acquired multiple machines with which he would be able to do performance work "after hours" in his garage.  Like many others, he enjoyed drag racing and was the first in Minnesota to break into the 9 seconds in a quarter mile at speeds of 150+ MPH on a motorcycle.  In the winter he would switch to racing snowmobiles and set 22 NSSR records in Minnesota; some of which are still standing today.  In April of 1985, he opened a small performance shop in Forest Lake, MN.  In September of 1986, he opened Forest Lake Motor Sports.  After many years of running this family business of selling and servicing boats, pontoons, PWC's, snowmobiles, ATV's, etc; he is back at what he enjoys.......being in the back room creating many custom pieces.  Now these custom pieces are for the Boss Hoss bikes, which he loves.  His dedication to perfection is apparent in the trophies his custom Boss Hoss bikes have earned.  Also in the back room is Tom Zeller or "Tommy Turbo" and Benny who are enthusiastic about each new idea.  If you have a Boss Hoss bike and would like any information on the products we sell or the services we provide, give Tim Dalbec or Blake Dalbec a call.  Boss Hoss Concepts/Forest Lake Motor Sports 1-800-315-3135

Many of Tim's Custom Boss Hoss Concepts bikes are now for sale.  Please contact us for more information.


Tommy Zeller played with dirt bikes, street bikes and snowmobiles while growing up. In the fall of 1980, he turbo-charged his Kawasaki. This led him to meet Tim. Together they built numerous turbo Kawasaki motorcycles. One of Tommy Turbo’s drag bikes ran 8.60’s at 165 m.p.h.

 During the winter, Tom helped build and then drove many speed run snowmobiles. In 1985 he was the first person to break the 140 m.p.h. barrier on a snowmobile-powered snowmobile. He continued to set records on snow and win trophies on tar.

 In 2002, Tommy started helping Tim create the custom Boss Hoss motorcycles now known as Boss Hoss Concepts bikes. He has had a hand in the creation of many of the bikes that have been built.   He does most of the cutting and fitting of the fiberglass panels and body parts, and helping with final assembly. 

 The only problem is, Tom has a “real” job and can only work on the bikes on a part-time basis.  He looks forward to all the new projects that are planned and going to all the rallies that they can attend.



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